Vocations Photos

Uploaded 29/02/08

Below are photos of some of the people who attended the vocations meeting in Pretoria, December 2007.

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0 Whole Group EtV-Sabu Puthenpurackal It-George Jacques KeV-Charles Obanya MzV-Timothee Bationo
SAM-Jean-Pierre Le Scour SAP-Louis Blondel MlV-Julian_Kasiya SAV-Didier Lemaire02 Ta-Arusha-Erasto Shayo02

Jean-Pierre Le Scour
South Africa

Arusha-Erasto Shayo
Rector of Arusha, Tanzania

TaV-Adelarde Munishi Ug-Jinja-John Gould UgV-Venerato Deus Babaina ZmV-Patrick Bataille